our spiritual freedom is right here, right now

Do you feel like a spiritual failure because you’re still not happy after everything you’ve tried? Do you struggle to find your inner peace in this time of unprecedented collective upheaval?

You’re not alone.

Let’s face it: spiritual awakening can be a messy process. We expand. We contract. We make a leap. We fall down. We take twists and turns. It’s all a part of the journey. And that’s in the best of times—word on the street is that the entire planet is going through the most epic healing and transformation in its history right now. To say that it’s the most challenging period in our lifetime is probably an understatement.

But the Truth remains you are an infinite being of love and light, at one with all of creation. Who you really are is way bigger than your body or your limiting thoughts. And everything you’re experiencing is gently leading you to a direct realization of this Truth in whatever way is perfect for you.

So what if we embrace the journey as it is?

What if we simply allow ourselves to fully experience the “spiritual downs,” with reverence, gratitude, and heaps of self-compassion? What if we celebrate the spiritual breakthroughs when they arrive, with no expectation for what the next step will look like? What if we decide to claim our freedom now, instead of waiting for things to change?

Your inner wisdom always knows the way (even though your working mind may hate this answer). But you don’t have to do this alone. If the idea of receiving compassionate one-on-one spiritual support speaks to you, click on the button below for more information on my counseling services.

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My name is Rieko (rhymes with San Diego).

In my 25 years of spiritual exploration, I’ve learned that everything that challenges me, whether inside or outside of me, is here for my freedom. Freedom beyond suffering, beyond fixing, improving, and striving. As a certified spiritual counselor, I’m here to help people embrace this freedom while cultivating radical self-compassion.

“Instantly healing. Empowering. Validating. Rieko is a fantastic, loving, powerful presence that allows for deep healing.”

—Jeanne • California, USA