Animoto Homepage

Animoto is an award-winning app that makes it easy for anyone to create professional-quality videos. For the company’s 2014 semi-annual hackathon, I worked with the in-house marketing design team on a homepage redesign. Our goal was to create a visually compelling, responsive page that highlights the power of our product, i.e. video slideshows, front and center.

I moderated the initial brainstorm session and distilled the ideas into a wireframe with a simplified layout and an improved information hierarchy. From there, the art director and I divided and conquered the visual design of the page while another designer worked on the video content.

The new design won the hackathon’s “People’s Choice” award and was runner-up in the “Potential to drive the most value for Animoto customers” category. It was eventually rolled out as the new official homepage, and A/B tests showed that it increased booking rates by 15%.



Art Direction

Lauren Stec


UX, Visual/UI Design