Animoto Pattern Library

In 2014, Animoto did not have an extensive style guide and was grappling with overall design inconsistency. I was tasked with leading the design team in creating and documenting a comprehensive UI design system that would save time, foster better communication between designers and developers, and promote consistency across all platforms.

To start, I performed an extensive audit of the UI components across our site and apps and participated in many rounds of design team critique and discussion to flesh out our visual brand and set standards for every visual element and interactive patterns. I documented all decisions and worked with the front-end team to implement them.

Furthermore, I teamed up with two developers to design the Pattern Library, a living style guide interface where both designers and developers can access the latest versions of design elements and patterns quickly. After gaining significant attention and stakeholder buy-ins, Animoto put the Pattern Library on the official product roadmap.




Visual/UI Design