Web app and RFID card labels (work in progress)

For the 2015 semi-annual hackathon at Animoto, I teamed up with three foosball-loving engineers to create and install an interactive score-tracking system on the company foosball table. Each player is given an RFID card which they use to sign in to the mini computers (Raspberry Pi) attached to their side of the table. Scores are recorded by pressing on the button on the mini computer. Once a player scores 10 goals and the game is complete, the final score is sent to the web app, where s/he can review stats and register for tournaments.

As the sole designer on the team, I was in charge of designing and branding the web app. After jotting down the requirements and doing rough sketches of the UI, I created clickable wireframes with mock data (game stats), which I used to get feedback from target users (my teammates). The challenge was to figure out which data were actually relevant to the users and how that data could be presented most effectively.

When it came time to do the branding and visual design, I knew I wanted to go for a fun, cheeky, and slightly nostalgic look. I took many photos of the foosball table and used them as the primary inspiration for the color palette and RFID card illustration. I designed the card labels so that each player could doodle on the blank face to make it their own.

Our team ended up winning runner-up awards in two categories: “People’s Choice” and “Most Creative.”


Art Direction, UX, Visual/UI Design, Illustration